Accalius-Vibius-SpartacusGaius Accalius Quitinus
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Nationality Roman
  • Lucius Accalius Vibinus (father)
  • His slaves and gladiators
Profession Lanista
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death
Used Weapons None

Gaius Accalius Vibius was a Roman lanista, a trader and trainer of gladiators. His ludus was located somewhere in Capua, and rivaled with the gladiators of Batiatus' ludus. After the revolt of the slaves inside Batiatus' ludus in 73 BC, his gladiators also rebelled.


Gaius inherited his fathers ludus and slaves when he died.

In 73 BC, a few weeks after Spartacus and his men escaped from Batiatus' ludus, Vibius' gladiators also decided to escape, led by Gorovus. He managed to escape his ludus, bar the doors and flee to Rome.



Gaius was average height and had an average wight, with a stubble. He had short graying hair and brown eyes.

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