Amoebe was a slave from Greece who in 73 BC, escaped from the ludus of Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Batiatus along with Spartacus and the other surviving Gladiators.

Following the escape, she then joined his rebellion against the Romans, and ultimately died in 71 BC during the Battle at the Silarus River. She was the lover of Aggonatus, who died alongside her during the final battle against Crassus.


Early Life

Amoebe was born in central Greece in 110 BC, and taken into slavery as a young adult when she was kidnapped by Roman legionaries. Taken to Italy, she was eventually bought by lanista Marcus Batiatus (father of Lentulus Batiatus) and worked as a house slave for over a decade in his villa.

In 73 BC, Amoebe aided the gladiators in escaping the Batiatus' ludus, and headed south with them to Mount Vesuvius

Traits and Skills

  • Skilled Archer: After joining the rebellion, Amoebe became a skilled archer
  • Bilingual: Other than her native tongue, Greek, Amoebe could also speak Latin. Over the years, it was harder for her to remember her native tongue.


While having a silent demeanour before the rebellion, Amoebe eventually


Amoebe had a standard build, with long brown hair and eyes.

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