The bow and arrow is a projectile weapon system that predates history. In the Roman Republic, the bow was given the Latin name Archus, while the arrows were called Sagitta. In Roman form, the bow took the design of a flexible wooden arc and string, with which fletched arrows (with stone or metal heads) could be fired.


Archers were a major part of most ancient countries war machines. The Romans didn't use them to the same extent as other ancient civilizations like Egypt they did recognise the importance of archers in the ancient battlefield and placed them with great skill alongside their legions. The normal weapon of Roman archers, both infantry and cavalry units, was the composite bow. It has been suggested that most Roman composite bows may have been asymmetric, with lower limbs shorter than the upper

During the Third Servile War, the bow and arrow was a primary weapon after the sword and shield. Mainly most of the women and children used this weapon, aiding the men who fought on the battlefield a safe distance away.

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