Battle of Cantenna
Location Cantenna, Southern Italy
Date April 71 BC
  • 12,500 rebels
  • 40,000 Romans
previous battle Battle of Mount Camalatrum
following battle Battle of Mount Vulture

The Battle of Cantenna was one of the last main battles of the Third Servile War. The rebel leaders; Castus and Gannicus were both killed by the legions of Marcus Crassus. It took place in Lucania in 71 BC. Crassus had sent his lieutenants: Marcius Rufus and Lucius Pomptinus to lead a portion of his troops to fight the rebels. The writer Plutarch claims this battle was "the most valiant battle of all" that Crassus fought.


No records of the battle survive, but it was known that Gannicus' army, made up of Celts and Germans, did not surrender, and put up worthy and resistant battle against Crassus. Gannicus and his men Fought against the Romans to the death (only a recorded two were found with back wounds). The surviving rebels were either captured and later crucified, or joined back with Spartacus' army.

The Romans recovered five fasces from the Celts, which honored Crassus' army.


  • Roman victory.


  • Around 12,000 Rebels killed, including their leaders: Castus and Gannicus
  • Only a few thousand Romans killed.

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