Battle of Mount Garganus
Location Garganus mountains, Apulia
Date 72 BC
  • Roman Victory
  • Death of Crixus
  • 30,000 rebels
  • 12,000 Romans
  • 20,000 rebels
  • 1000+ Romans
Previous battle
Next battle Battle of Lentula

The Battle of Mount Garganus was a battle in the Third Servile War. It was fought between Crixus and his army of 30,000 rebels, and the Roman legions led by Gellius Publicola. Crixus and his army was defeated, giving the Roman Republic their first victory against Spartacus. Crixus had seperated from Spartacus and brought 30,000 rebels with him. Around 20,000 were killed in the battle and 10,000 managed to escape.

The battle appears in De Bello monte Gargano.


Crixus and his army fought bravely in the battle. Using Celtic and Gallic warfare against the Romans, the battle would have taken a whole day.


  • Roman victory
  • 20,000 rebels including Crixus killed
  • A few thousand Romans killed
  • 10,000 retreat and rejoin Spartacus' main force.

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