Battle of Nuceria
Location Nuceria, Campania
Date 73 BC
Result Rebel Victory
previous battle Battle of Picentia
following battle Siege of Atella

The Battle of Nuceria was an early battle of the Third Servile War between Spartacus and his rebel army against Antonius Cossinius and his legions.


The battle lasted an entire day. There were heavy losses for the Roman side. As the battle continued, the morale of Cossinius' men weakened. The Roman forces only held out from survival, not confidence. Spartacus managed to break through several Roman formations, and eventually made his way to Cossinius and Furius' position. Knowing the battle was in Spartacus' favour, the two commanders fled, with their troops retreating behind them.


  • Majority of Cossinius' soldier killed.

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