Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Nationality Thracian
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death Crucifixion
Used Weapons Archus

Belesa was a slave from Thrace who was freed by Spartacus during the Third Servile War. She later fought in the slave rebellion against the Roman Republic. She was the sister of Purpura and the lover of Psammus.


Early Life

Belesa was raised in Thrace with her mother, father and her sister Purpura. Her tribe was later attacked by the Romans and she was enslaved. She was passed around from dominus to dominus until she was sent to the mines of Lucania. The mines were soon attacked by Spartacus and his rebel army, and she was freed along with everyone else. She soon learned how to fight and use a bow and arrow, helping the combatents anyway she could. She had come close to death a few times in 72 BC, had the other rebels not saved her.

While Cosentia was being attacked by Spartacus, she found her sister Purpura along with Psammus, and finally reunited with her.

Traits and Skills

  • Skilled archer: Belesa was skilled with a bow.
  • Bilingual: Belesa was fluent in both her native tongue Thracian, as well as Latin, which she used to communicate with many other rebels



Belesa was average height with brown hair and blue eyes. She had a slight scar on the left side of her neck, given to her by one of her Roman masters.

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