Beoetus was a slave from Greece who was freed by Spartacus during the Siege of Sinuessa in 72 BC. He then joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Roman Republic. After the Battle at the Silarus River in 71 BC, he was Crucified on the orders of Marcus Licinius Crassus.


Early Life

Boetus was born in a small village somewhere in Eastern Greece and taken into slavery at a young age. Taken to Italy, he was then purchased by several Roman noblemen over the years until he was purchased by Publius Cassanus Bulla around 81 BC. While Bulla was a cruel dominus to Beoetus, his daughter Cassana was often kinder. He often spoke with Cassana and her body slave, Abemia.

Third Servile War

During 72 BC, Sinuessa was attacked by Spartacus and his army. Sinuessa was plundered and taken over by Spartacus, and every slave there was freed. Beoetus found the body of Cassana outside Bulla's villa, having been killed before she could return through the streets

Beoetus found it difficult leaving Sinuessa and travelling with the rebels at first, knowing it meant his death if they lost against the Romans, but he decided he would stay with Spartacus through to the end, even when Crixus, along with 30,000 rebels split from Spartacus and heading east towards Apulia. He even began a romantic relationship with Filenia, who he found common ground with, having been just as scared leaving Capua during the start of the rebellion.

Beoetus was eventually trained to fight, learning to fight with a sword and a shield before deciding to fight with two swords. He chose his own armour, taken from the bodies of dead Roman legionaries and mercenaries.

He fought bravely in his first fight against the Romans in the Battle of Lentula


Traits and Skills

While only having been part of the rebellion for under a year, Beoetus was a quick learner, and was trained well enough to fight off the heavier armored Roman legionaries. He often had trouble finding his way through a battlefield but was able to choose the best apponents in each battle. He often fought with two Gladius'.


Beoetus was tall, with dark brown hair and gray eyes. Before joining the rebellion he was only slightly muscled, but became more muscular after joining the rebellion.


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