Blalock was Cilician and a member of the Cilician pirates. He was executed on the orders of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus in 66 BC following their capture by him in Crete.


Early Life

Blalock was born off the coast of western Cilicia in 98 BC and at an early age was indoctrinated into the life of a pirate by his father. Blalock quickly befriended Stramos and Zahnos when he joined Heracleo's command. But unfortunately, both Blalock's and Stramos' fathers had been involved with the kidnapping of Gaius Julius Caesar, and were both crucified in 75 BC.

Blalock spent the next three years under Heracleo and Orsino's command, purchasing and selling slaves around the republic, most notably in the ports of Neapolis.

In 72 BC, a fleet of ships led by Heracleo was set upon by Spartacus, Gannicus, Castus, and their small force of men. While both parties were hostile at first, Heracleo and Spartacus managed to broker a deal; the pirates would bring around 2,000 rebels from the shores of Bruttium to the coast of Sicily, in order to begin another rebellion on the island.

Blalock knew Heracles would almost certainly go back on his word, and that while Spartacus offered a fortune for their services, Romans such as Pompey or Crassus would offer more.

Blalock was with Heracles and Orsino when a Roman envoy from Crassus offered the pirates a larger sum to trick the rebels into heading south towards Bruttium, in order for Crassus to block them in and starve them out.

Blalock and the other pirates were at sea when they heard of Spartacus and his defeat against Crassus.

Traits and Skills

Blalock had an average skill in combat, skills he knew would aid him if the pirates were ever set upon by the Romans. In 66 BC, Blalock was able to fend off many opponents before he was finally captured by Pompey's men.


Like most of the Cilician pirates, Stramos had little regard for slaves and had no qualms about betraying Spartacus to Crassus. He cared more for coin that trust, the same as most pirates.