Vital Statistics
Date of birth
Date of death 71 BC, Silarus River
Gender Male
Nationality Roman
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death ?
Used Weapons
Actor Adam Shippey

Gaius Carbo was a Roman gladiator who escaped from the Ludus of Accalius Quitinus along with Gorovus, Gnaeuar and Kleitos during the Third Servile War. They later found Spartacus and his rebel army in the south and fought in his slave rebellion against the Romans. He was only known to the rebels as Carbo.


Early Life

Carbo was born in the city of Rome and recruited into the Roman army at the age of 18. Sometime during his service, he deserted and was later captured and enslaved. Taken to Capua, he was sold to Accalius Quitinus, a lanista, and trained as a gladiator, fighting to the death for the amusement of the crowd. After hearing of Spartacus and his rebellion, he and other gladiators in his ludus escaped and later found Spartacus in Campania.

Unlike many of the gladiators he had travelled with, many of the rebels living in Spartacus' camp distrusted Carbo after finding out that he was Roman, something he regretted telling Spartacus. He fought in several battles against the Roman armies sent against them before he was trusted by the other rebels, eventually becoming a trusted ally of Spartacus when Crixus decided to separate from Spartacus.

Traits and Skills

Carbo was skilled formerly as a Roman soldier and was well trained as a gladiator.



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