Ceirene was a slave from Greece who later joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Romans. She was killed during the Battle of Mount Camalatrum in 71 BC. She was the lover of Addintus.


Early Life

Ceirene was born in an unknown Roman province in Northern Greece, and taken into slavery when she was kidnapped by Cilician pirates.

Third Servile War

In early 72 BC, Ceirene witnessed her dominus suddenly strike and kill one of his other slaves, now believing that since Spartacus' victory over Claudius Glaber, her dominus would act more violently to his slaves. In the dead of night, another slave, Anturus, took the opportunity to kill their dominus in his sleep, as well as a few of his guards, before opening the other cells, freeing Ceirene and the other slaves.

Traits and Skills

  • Bilingual: Other than her native tongue, Greek, Ceirene was also fluent in Latin.