Crucifixions along the Appian Way

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The Crucifixions along the Appian Way took place after the Battle at the Silarus River in 71 BC.


Crassus had captured around 6,000 rebels from the last battle of the Third Servile War. When news arrived that Pompey had defeated the rebels himself and had taken the credit for what Crassus had done, Crassus decided to crucify his prisoners along the Appian Way, from Capua to Rome. This was intended to both remind Rome of what he had done, and to send a warning to all other slaves who rebelled against their masters. Some rebels were probably crucified on the Latin Road (Via Latina), another road from Capua to Rome. the prisoners walked, with their crosses, across 75 miles from the river silarus to Capua.

The rebels were left for death, many dying every day from heat exhaustion and starvation and thirst.

Rebels Crucified

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