Dimachaerus (plural: dimachaeri) was a type of Roman gladiator who wielded dual swords.


The dimachaerus is lightly armed and equipped with:

  • Two matching swords, both either a gladius (Roman short sword), acinaces (curved short sword) or sica.
  • Leather leg wrappings.
  • Light bronze galea with visor.

Fighting Technique

The fighting style of the dimachaeri gladiator involved close combat using two swords, either curved scimitars (siccae) or straight bladed short swords (gladius). Both swords were employed for attacking and defending and it is generally understood that these gladiators would have been supremely skilled to wield two blades at once. Little else is known about this class of gladiator. It is likely that the dimachaeri gladiators would have been matched against other dimachaeri as well as heavily armoured opponents to make a good match. They are known to have been paired against hoplomachus (a shielded opponent in the style of a Greek hoplite soldier) as well as oplomachus (according to Justin Lipsius this was one of two designations of Samnite gladiator who fought matches with a short sword, rectangular shield, armored greaves and helmet).

Clearly, the dimachaeri was paired as a lighter fighter against more heavily armored opponents and was expected to penetrate their defense to beat and kill them. Gladiators of this style came in several shapes and sizes. Men who were large enough to overpower their opponents and men who were fast enough to outlast their opponents.

Dimachaeri is a special class that highly skilled Gladiators can fight under after years of training. This specific class is only reserved for men who are Primus worthy and are rare to find in Ancient Rome.

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