Vital Statistics
Date of Birth 99 BC, Alexandria, Egypt
Date of Death 72 BC, Mutina (aged 27)
Gender Female
Nationality Egyptian
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death Impaled through the chest
Used Weapons Gladius
Actor Elizabeth Ludlow

Ennana was a slave from Egypt who later joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Romans. He was killed in 72 BC during the Battle of Mutina.


Ennana was born in the city of Alexandria in Egypt in 99 BC, and taken into slavery at a young age. Taken to Italy, she had a number of masters in both Campania and Lucania, before ultimately being sold to a Roman living in northern Lucania, in the city of Bantia. Ennana, while an obedient slave, was known for her outbursts, and was even threatened with being sent to the Mines if her attitude did not change.

Finally, after hearing of Spartacus' rebellion in 73 BC, she bided her time until her dominus and domina travelled along the Via Appia, where she and a number of other slaves escaped, killing their masters.

Ennana and this small group travelled northwards into Campania until they were eventually found by Trius, one of Spartacus' men, and brought to his encampment.

Combat Prowess

Having had no training for most of her life, Ennana became a fast learner with a bow and arrow, and used it to a deadly effect against the Romans.



Ennana was average height, with brown hair and eyes.