were professional fighters in the Roman Republic and later in the Roman Empire, who fought against one another and died for the entertainment of their audience in the arena. Gladiators were usually condemned criminals or prisoners of war, however, free men also volunteered for purposes of personal gain seldom participated. A gladiator that is victorious in his match is awarded coin, rising fame and respect from the spectators. Fallen gladiators are either put to death by the command of the editor of the game, or sent to the the Pit.

Thraex vs Murmillo

Gladiators were taught the combative skills required at training enterprises called ludi, which were headed by a Lanista, and instructed by a doctore, whom overseen their training.

A gladiator that excels in combat and is continuously victorious in the arena, will rise to become champion of his respective ludus. Gladiators were branded with a mark, symbolizing what ludus they belonged to and to whom.

Gladiators did not have friends, but had allies, rivals, bosses, spies, supplies and double-crossers. A new gladiator learned who to trust, who to doubt, who to look out for and who would cover his back. Many gladiators arranged their apponents tomb stone had that apponent come from the same ludus.


Women were also trained as gladiators, though during Spartacus' time, not many gladiatrices existed. During Spartacus' rebellion, Allovera was forcibly trained as a gladiatrix in the underground pits in Capua, able to fight on the battlefield alongside the pastores' and gladiators.

Gladiator Fighting Styles

Third Servile War

Main Article: Third Servile War

During the slave rebellion led by the gladiators Spartacus, the combatants started off as being mainly comprised of gladiators, both from the ludus' of Lentulus Batiatus and Marcus Aurelius Scaurus. These gladiators trained thousands of former slaves who joined their ranks, which proved a serious threat to the Roman cohorts and legions sent against them.

From then on gladiators were given special attention; no gladiator was to speak to someone of the same language in the ludus or in training, for fear of conspiring and plotting.

Known gladiators

Wiki Gladiators

Ludus of Lentulus Batiatus

Ludus of Accalius Vibius

Ludus of Aurelius Scaurus

Historical gladiators

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