Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Nationality Numidian
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death ?
Used Weapons Gladius
Actor Darius Cottrell

Gorovus was a Numidian gladiator who became a rebel for Spartacus in his rebellion against the Romans after escaping from the ludus of his dominus along with Gnaeuar, Kleitos, Vroxetes and the other gladiators.


Gorovus was born in Numidia and became a slave during his mid-twenties. He was also made a gladiator in one of Rome’s less famed gladiator ludus owned by Gaius Accalius Vibius'. He had only fought in the arena a few times before he and the other gladiators chose to escape from Vibius' ludus. He and his brothers later found Spartacus and his army somewhere further in the south.

Gorovus trained many of the rebels how to fight, though considered by some as a febal fighter. Though highly trained, he died during the end of the battle at the Silarus River against Marcus Crassus, though only after killing a number of Romans.

Combat Prowess

Trained as a gladiator, Gorovus was incredible skilled in combat.



Gorovus was a formidable looking opponent with the muscular build of a gladiator.

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