Heracleo was a Cilician and a leader of the Cilician pirates alongside Orsino.

He first appears in Hostis et Inimicus and last appears in Piratae Cilicum.


Heracleo met Spartacus and his army sometime in 72 BC and made a deal with the rebel leader; a fleat of ships to take his army across to Sicily.

Traits and Skills

  • Fighting Skills: Heracleo possessed a basic level of fighting skill.
  • Master strategist:
  • Bilingual: Other than his native tongue, Luwian, Heracleo was also fluent in Akkadian, Greek and Latin, skills he used to made dealings with multiple personal around the Mediterranean.


Like all Pirates, Heracleo has a deep seated hatred for the Romans, and a complete disregard for the people he and his men enslaved over the years.


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