Vital Statistics
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Gender Male
Nationality Egyptian
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death ?
Used Weapons Gladius
Actor Moisés Acevedo

Imbrus was a slave from Egypt who later joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Roman Republic. He was killed in early 71 BC during the Battle of Ariminum.


Imbrus was born and raised in a small village close by to Alexandria in Egypt, and was taken into slavery when he was captured for thievery. He was eventually taken to Italy where he was sold to a wealthy Roman living in the city of Forum Annii, and worked as his dominus' body slave. He befriended a fellow slave, Possidia.

In 72 BC, Imbrus was freed when Spartacus and his rebel army attacked the city. He kept Possidia safe during the siege, and the two were eventually found by Psammus.

Combat Prowess

While initially untrained in any combat, Imbrus became an experienced archer, and eventually was able to fight in close combat with one or more opponents, however he mainly found his strength with the bow.



Imbrus had an above average height, with dark brown hair and eyes.