Lucius Cossinius was a Roman general sent to defeat Spartacus during the Third Servile War in 72 BC. His legions were defeated by Spartacus and his rebel army but Cossinius and his tribune Lucius Furius managed to escape. Cossinius and Furius were later beheaded by Spartacus when the rebels stormed Cossinius' villa.


Born into a wealthy family during the mid-100's BC, Cossinius was raised in the very height of Roman society. He moved quickly through politics and became praetor in 73 BC. He was sent to assist Publius Varinius against the slave army led by Spartacus.

Traits and Skills

An average fighter, Cossinius left the fighting to his men and usually stayed on his horse looking at the battlefield. He was later easily defeated by Spartacus when he attacked his villa.


Like most Romans he saw himself above others simply because he was Roman. He also saw Spartacus as an inferior slave, which eventually lead to his downfall. Still, Spartacus described him as a "worthy tactician". Cossinius was known to flee from battle


Cossinius had short swept black hair, and a light stubble. He had a muscular build and was taller than most of the men under his command.