Lucius Furius was a Roman tribune under the command of Antonius Cossinius and Publius Varinius during the Third Servile War. He and Cossinius were both beheaded by Spartacus after their defeat.


Early Life

Furius was sent with commander Antonius Cossinius to defeat Spartacus under the orders of praetor Publius Varinius in 73 BC.

Cossinus and Furius greatly underestimated the rebel numbers and during their battle with Spartacus in Nuceria, they witnessed their numbers and tactics overpower them, causing them to retreat, losing a great number of men against the rebel leader.

Traits and Skills

  • Combat Skill: Furius had fighting skills, and used them to defend himself against a number of Romans who made it through his men and straight towards him. He however wasn't anywhere as skilled as a gladiator, and was quickly defeated by Spartacus.


Furius, like many Romans who fought against Spartacus, saw only a slave and not an enemy to take seriously.


Furius had short black hair that he kept slicked back and had a light stubble. He had a strong jaw line and a light scar on his left cheek.

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