Lucius Pomptinus was a Roman commander of Marcus Crassus during the Third Servile War. He was killed by Gannicus during the Battle of Cantenna in 71 BC.


Pomptinus was the son of a Roman senator. Wether he had any siblings is unknown.

Third Servile War

Later on in his life he became a commander of Marcus Licinius Crassus during the slave rebellion led by Spartacus. Pomptinus was present during the Battle of Cantenna, and given command of two of Crassus' legions along with Quintus Marcius Rufus to defeat Gannicus, Castus and their army of rebels who recently separated from Spartacus' main force.

Under their command, Crassus achieved another victory over the rebels, with the deaths of Gannicus and Castus.

Though Pomptinus doesn't appear again in historic sources, it is assumed that he was killed in this battle

Traits and Skills

  • Combat Skill: Pomptinus was a well trained soldier and was able to best many rebels in the rebellion before he was killed by gladiators in 71 BC.


Pomptinus, like other Romans who fought against Spartacus, underestimated him and his army. He underestimated him more when Crassus began winning battles against the rebellion.


Pomptinus was of average height and bulky.