Lugurix was a Gallic warrior and later gladiator who escaped from the ludus of Lentulus Batiatus along with Spartacus and Crixus. He then fought in Spartacus' rebellion against the Romans, later dying in 72 BC alongside Crixus during the Battle of Mount Garganus. He was the lover of Dalauca.


Lugurix grew up in a small village somewhere in eastern Gaul. In his youth he was enslaved when he was captured by Roman soldiers.

Taken to Italy over a few months, he ended up being sold to Lentulus Batiatus to train as a gladiator in his ludus. He became quick friends with Crixus. Like many gladiators in the ludus, he was eager to break out. With a number of his allies killed in the escape, Crixus made Lugurix one of his commanders, leading small raids wherever they could.

Traits and Skills

  • Master combatant: Lugurix' fighting ability was average as a warrior in his village, but become increasingly better while training as a gladiator.
  • Multilingualism: Other than his native tongue, Gaulish, Lugurix also became fluent in Latin.



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