Mannot was a German gladiator who escaped from the ludus of Lentulus Batiatus along with Spartacus and the others gladiators and slaves during the Third Servile War. He then fought for for Spartacus in his slave rebellion against the Roman Republic


Early Life

Mannot was captured and sold into slavery at a young age, but always managed to escape from his masters multiple times over. He was later sold to Lentulus Batiatus to be trained as a gladiator. He planned to escape but was stopped with caution by the other gladiators including Spartacus. He and the other gladiators in the slave later chose to rebel and escaped.

When Spartacus chose to attack the mines near Capua soon after the defeat of Publius Varinius, he and a handful of the rebels entered the mines and helped most of the slaves out from the caverns.

Traits and Skills

Being a gladiator, Mannot was an incredibly skilled fighter, able to fight against multiple enemies at once


Mannot could easily escape from the Romans.


Mannot was tall with the muscular build of a gladiator

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