Vital Statistics
Episodes Hostis et Inimicus
Date of Birth 112 BC, Germania
Date of Death 71 BC, Via Appia (aged 41)
Gender Male
Nationality German
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Sandy
Cause of Death Crucifixion
Used Weapons



Nemetes was a Germanic warrior who was enslaved by the Romans and was trained as a gladiator. He and his fellow gladiators escaped from the ludus of his dominus and later joined Spartacus. He became one of the rebel trainers in the rebellion against the Roman Republic.


Early Life

Nemetes was born into an unknown tribe in Germania and was trained well in the combat of his tribe. Nemetes was an effective warrior, especially against the Romans. He was only captured when the Romans found him sleeping. Nemetes was soon brought to northern Italy and trained as a gladiator. Nemetes was a successful fighter in the arena. When he and his brothers heard of Spartacus and rebellion, Nemetes and the other gladiators also rebelled. Around a week later, they found Spartacus and his growing number of rebels.

Combat Prowess

Being trained as a gladiator, Nemetes was an expert in hand to hand and close range fighting, and was able to best hundreds of Romans during the rebellion


Nemetes was boisterous, but a proud fighter with a keen sense of leadership, becoming a rebel trainer during the rebellion


Nemetes was both tall and muscular. He also had sandy hair and a beard

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