Vital Statistics
Date of Birth
Date of Death 71 BC, Milea Ridge
Gender Male
Nationality Numidian
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death ?
Used Weapons Gladius

Octillus (real name unknown) was a Gladiator from Numidia who would later escape from his ludus of Marcus Aurelius Scaurus in 73 BC and joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Romans.

He was killed in 71 BC during the Battle on the Milea Ridge.


Early Life

Octillus was born in Numidia sometime before 100 BC and taken into slavery later in his life. Trained as a gladiator, he fought in the arena for the entertainment of the crowd.

Hearing of Spartacus and his rebellion, he and his fellow gladiators killed their dominus and travelled south to meet him and his army.

Traits and Skills

Having been trained as a gladiator during his enslavement, Octillus was an incredibly skilled and experienced fighter, and along with his massive build and strength, he was known to be a very intimidating fighter, even causing multiple Roman legionaries to flee during battle.


Octillus was a headstrong and determined member of the rebellion, and always knew when to think outside of battle.


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