Leader of the Cilician Pirates
Vital Statistics
Episodes Hostis et Inimicus
Date of Birth Before 100 BC
Date of Death 66 BC, Coracesium
Gender Male
Nationality Cilician
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death ?
Used Weapons Gladius

Orsino was a leader of the Cilician pirates. During the Third Servile War, he helped secure a deal between the pirates and Spartacus and his army, but ultimately betrayed the rebellion alongside Heracleo.


Orsino was born in Cilicia sometime before 100 BC and became a member of the Cilician Pirates as a young adults. He managed many enslavements as a pirates and eventually rose up the ranks to become one of it's leaders alongside Heracleo.

In 72 BC, Orsino, Heracleo and a small band of pirates encountered Spartacus, Gannicus, Castus and a small clutch of men at the coast of Campania. While hostile towards the rebels at first, Orsino quickly realised Spartacus was in need of the pirates' services, not a fight to the death, and ordered his men to stand down. Orsino and Heracles brokered a deal with the rebel leader to bring around 2,000 rebels from the coast of Brundisium to the island of Sicily, in order for the rebels to begin a third slave rebellion on the island, in exchange for Roman denarii.

Combat Prowess



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