Vital Statistics
Episodes De Bello monte Gargano
Date of Birth 105 BC, Thrace
Date of Death 72 BC, Picenum (aged 33)
Gender Male
Nationality Gaul
  • Slave (formerly)
  • Pastores (formerly)
  • Rebel
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death ?
Used Weapons

Paxxos was a slave from Thrace who was freed from the mines near Capua by Spartacus during the Third Servile War. He died in 72 BC during the Battle of Picenum.


Paxxos was born somewhere in southern Thrace and taken into slavery at a young age. He was sold to numerous wealthy Romans in Lucania until he was finally sent to the mines.

In 72 BC he was freed by Spartacus and his army when they liberated the mined.

Combat Prowess

Paxxos had no experience in battle before being sent to the mines. When he joined the rebellion, he first fought with a bow and arrow, but eventually learned to fight with the spoils of war he found, a Gladius and a Scutum.



Paxxos was very skinny when he first joined the rebellion.

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