Publius varinius

Publius Varinius

Roman General
Vital Statistics
Gender Male





  • Praetor (formerly)
  • Governor of Asia
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Cause of Death ?
Used Weapons


Publius Varinius was a Roman praetor and proconsol who suffered multiple defeats against Spartacus and his rebels during the early stage of the Third Servile War.


Varinius gave the assignment of hunting down and defeating Spartacus and his rebels to Claudius Glaber. Later, Varinius attempted to get Glaber to return to Rome and let his own army take care of Spartacus, but Glaber refused. Unlike Glaber though, he was highly respected and loved by other nobles and the Senate, and allowed to follow Glaber's troops with his own small army incase Spartacus defeated Glaber.

When the location of Spartacus' hideout is discovered, Glaber attacked Spartacus and the other rebels, trapping them on Mount Vesuvius. However Spartacus used vines to climb down the other side of the mountain, and quickly defeated Glaber and his troops what is known about his involvement is that after the defeat of Claudius Glaber, Varinius lead an army of at least 2,000 recruits, who were eventually defeated by Spartacus. He also lead another army, this time with at least 4,000 recruits, that was also defeated. His troops become outnumbered quickly with many being killed or retreating, and Varinius was captured, and he ordered his remaining men to lay down to surrender their arms to the Spartacus.

The rebels (an estimated 10,000 men, women and children) later sacked Varinius' camp.

Combat Prowess

Publius was not on the same caliber as a gladiator, but was a skilled enough Roman. Historically he was a keen horseman.


Historical Context

Historically, Varinius was not as underestimating of Spartacus as Glaber was, and was quick to build fortifications and a camp for him army, something Glaber did not do. He was known to flee from battle when Spartacus claimed victory


Film Portrayals


Publius Varinius has only had two portrayals in a Spartacus adaptation.

  • He was first portrayed by Niall Refoy in the 2004 miniseries. He was renamed Publius Maximus.
  • He was later portrayed by Brett Tucker in Spartacus: Vengeance.