Pulchus was a slave from Scythia who later joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Romans. Following the Battle at the Silarus River in 71 BC, Pulchus was crucified on the orders of Marcus Licinius Crassus.


Early Life

Born somewhere in northern Scythia, and grew up as a rambunctious child.

He was taken into slavery later in his life when he was captured by the Cilician pirates. He was then taken to Rome where he was then sold to a wealthy Roman somewhere in Campania.

In 73 BC he heard of Spartacus' rebellion, and took his chance to escape and join the rebel army somewhere north.

Traits and Skills

Pulchus was well trained as a shepherd, skills he used to fend off thieves trying to steal his masters stock. He liked disarming his apponents before using his strength to overpower and kill them, but this didn't happen often.