Vital Statistics
Date of Birth
Date of Death 72 BC, Mutina
Gender Male
Nationality Sardinian
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death
Used Weapons Gladius
Actor J. Alphonse Nicholson

Ramon was a Sardinian slave who was freed by Spartacus sometime during the Third Servile War. He later fought in his rebellion against the Roman Republic, and was killed in 72 BC during the Battle of Mutina.


Early Life

Ramon was born in Sardinia and taken into slavery at an early age. He was a slave to many Romans, before finally being sold to a Roman living in southern Campania, and trained as a Pastores.

For a number of years Ramon tending his dominus' fields, protecting his stock from thieves.

Traits and Skills

Having been trained as a Pastores, Ramon was an experienced fighter, having fought against a number of thieves protecting his dominus' stock.



Ramon was tall and muscular, befitting the appearance of a pastores.

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