The Rebel Leaders are all former gladiators from the House of Batiatus and the commanders of the rebellion led by Spartacus throughout the Third Servile War.

The leadership follows an uneasy heirarchy with the rebels as they are seperated amongst themselves; Gauls with Crixus, Germans and Celts with Gannicus and Castus, et cetera. They later teach their skills and honour as brothers amongst other slaves and those who join their cause.

Spartacus acts as the official leader of the rebellion while the others act as his generals on the battlefield, aid in the training of others, and strategize and discuss tactics with him. The leaders are also the strongest warriors and most skilled fighters amongst the other rebels. Oenomaus died first, then Crixus, then Castus, then Gannicus and lastly Spartacus.


  • Spartacus: The Thracian official leader of the rebellion who started the war after he and his fellow gladiators escaped from their ludus in Capua. Having rised from a condemned slave to a renouned gladiator in Capua, he would soon start up a rebellion in order to free all those enslaved
  • Crixus: A Gaul and Spartacus' most trusted general. During their time as gladiators, he was an great friend of Spartacus and eventually became commander of the Gauls in the rebel army.
  • Oenomaus: A German who commanded the Germans in the early months of the rebellion, becoming a leader and mentor to the rebels, training those able in the ways of a gladiator. His death remained in the eyes of Spartacus as the consequence of defeat.
  • Gannicus: A Celt who became another of Spartacus' trusted generals after the death of Oenomaus. His sense of doubt and his tactial approach has influenced the success of the slave army.
  • Castus: A Gaul and friend of Gannicus.

Other Considered Leaders

hese rebels are given positions of leadership when the rebel leaders travel alone

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