Sinuessa en Valle
Sinuessa en Valle was a city in the Roman Republic. During the Third Servile War, the city was sieged by Spartacus and his rebel army.


Sinuessa was a city founded in the Roman Republic and survived into the Roman Empire. During 375 AD, Sinuessa was destroyed by an earthquake. The ruines of Sinuessa are in the actual city of Mondragone.




  • Adelia
  • Cautino
  • Cilaminos
  • Clysea
  • Colmilla
  • Dielina
  • Donnia
  • Drimo
  • Embemia
  • Gaius Lellius Herrius
  • Gaius Pomitus
  • Hallbera
  • Heantea

  • Kolleda
  • Lellia
  • Lenea
  • Letinia
  • Limaria
  • Linica
  • Lucilia
  • Lucius Avidius Ninius
  • Lucius Septimius
  • Lucous
  • Marcus Crunio
  • Marcus Laurus
  • Marcus Saditinus


  • Micciana
  • Numeria
  • Patelia
  • Peromila
  • Samtaura
  • Senecia
  • Telena
  • Theologidis
  • Titus Daridius
  • Titus Vibius
  • Valurnia
  • Vamitia

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