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Note: This wiki is not connected to the Spartacus television series produced by Starz. This is a separately created show based on the Third Servile War.

Start your own character, a rebel fighting in the rebel army of Spartacus, a Roman fighting for Marcus Crassus in defeating the rebellion of the Third Servile War. Give your character a backstory, a story about their lives and their fates both as freedmen, slaves and rebels fighting against the Roman Republic. Spartacus commanded thousands, all for you to name. This wiki offers a more historical but classical realism on the legend of Spartacus and their conflict against the Romans (using plots from the many books and movies of Spartacus, but adding a more historical premise).

In case any users are having trouble creating names, try using Name Combiner. Happy editing.

However - there is a growing problem with people adding their fictional characters, and the fictional characters of other people, to the actual Wikipedia reference pages for the Third Servile War. I have also used these characters to give names to the rebel slaves and Romans whose names have been lost to history.
This Wiki is not a completely historical site, and most of these people are not historical figures. Please do not attempt to write these fictional characters into Wikipedia. Historical figures presented in this wiki will have Historical Figure posted in their Category box.

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