Stramos was a Cilician pirate who fought in Spartacus' rebellion sometime during the Third Servile War.

During Pompey's campaign to quell the pirates' power around the Mediterranean in 67 BC, Stramos would fight alongside his leader Heracleo and their fleet, eventually being captured and executed in 66 BC following the Battle of Coracesium.


Stramos was born in the city of Cragus off the southern coast of Asia Minor in 109 BC, and became a member of the Cilician Pirates early in his life thanks to his father and uncle. Unfortunately, both his father and uncle had been two pirates involved in the capture of Julius Caesar in his youth, and were later crucified by the Romans in 75 BC. Stramos remained with Orsino and Heracleo on board their fleet of ships, selling slaves to the slave ports of Neapolis.

Stramos was present with the other pirates as they made their deal with Spartacus to transport 2,000 rebels from southern Italy to Sicily. A small battle happened between the rebels and the Romans, and the pirates aided the rebels, Stramos with them. When the agreement between them and the rebels was broken, Stramos was involved, and captured a few of the rebels, which the pirates later sold back into slavery.

Later Life and death

Stramos remained a pirate for another five years, still under Heracleo's command. However, Heracleo's fleet, including Stramos, were eventually forced into Pompey's war against the pirates in 67 BC. Stramos survived until the very end of this war, when the pirates were forced to take refuge inside the city of Coracesium. However, the Romans eventually forced their way into the city, capturing any and all pirates they found, including Stramos.

Unlike many of the pirates who were either quickly executed or crucified, Stramos along with a small clutch of men were chosen to be killed through Carnificina. Stramos was beaten to death. His body was then thrown into the sea along with the other executed pirates. His wife and son were taken into slavery by the Romans.


Stramos, like the other pirates, had little regard for slaves and his only interest with them was making money selling them. He enjoyed his life at sea.


Stramos had a stoic build with dark hair and beard. He wore a head piece that resembled a crown.

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