Vital Statistics
Gender Female





Date of Birth 71 BC


Eye Color Green
Hair Color pale blond
Cause of Death Unknown 

Sulpicia was a noble Roman lady of the Cruscellio family and the wive of Varius and the mother of Cruscellia


Sulpicia was born 71 BC as the only child of Lucius Cruscellius and Helvia Cruscellio. As a child, Sulpicia had many health problems and surved her childhood barely. Despite health problems she was a precocious child who was well educated in Greek, science and music and was instructed in latin by her mother.

At the age of 14 she was promised to Varius a young and wealthy man. After a few month in marriage, Sulpicia became more interested on her husbands bodyslave and friend, Ulfric, a young man from a german tribe.


Sulpicia was a flirty yet graceful woman who was easily allured by her husbands former slave Ulfric. She was a dignified and proud noblewoman who yearns to find personal satisfaction in different ways. Her elegance and beauty had enchanted many who come across her, as others label her beauty to be simultaneously dangerous.


Sulpicia was depicted as being immensely beautiful; even more gorgeous than Sistina. She had pale and powdery skin, she had most time pink rosy cheeks, shell-pink lips, pale lavender eyelids, and pink palms. Sulpicia was considered to be the shortest of her family at 5'1".


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