Thromos was a slave from Thrace who later joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Romans. He was killed in the Battle at the Silarus River in 71 BC alongside his twin-brother Odaus.


Early Life

Thromos was born into the Thyni tribe in south-eastern Thrace, and was the twin brother of Odaus. As young adults, they already well versed in combat, even besting a number of Roman legionaries before they were both ultimately enslaved and taken to Rome.

Thromos was separated from his brother after being purchased by a Roman nobleman in Campania. Meanwhile, Odaus was purchased by a Roman living in Apulia. Thromos wouldn't see his brother for over a decade until 73 BC, when Thromos heard of the rebel Spartacus and his victory over Praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber at Mount Vesuvius.

Thromos immediately headed eastwards until he found Spartacus' army, bringing a number of other escaped slaves with him.

Traits and Skills

  • Skilled Combatant: Having been trained as a pastores, Thromos was a very skilled fighter, able to hold his own against numerous opponents during the rebellion.
  • Bilingual: Other than his native tongue, Thracian, Thromos was also fluent in Latin and Greek.



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