Tychos was a gladiator from Numidia who escaped from the ludus of Batiatus along with Spartacus. He later fought in the slave rebellion against the Roman Republic, and died in 71 BC during the Battle at the Silarus River, after being stabbed several times by Roman legionaries.


Early Life

Tychos was born in Numidia in 108 BC and taken into slavery during his adolescence. He was eventually taken to Italy and bought by Lanista Lentulus Batiatus and trained as a Gladiator in his ludus. Tychos survived and won several gladiatorial matches. In 73 BC, he broke out along with SpartacusCrixus and 70 other gladiators.

Traits and Skills

Being a gladiator, Tychos was incredibly skilled in combat with sword, dagger and hand to hand, having survived almost every battle of the Third Servile War


Tychos was a determined fighter and a firm believer in Spartacus' rebellion.