Tyrimmus was a slave from Greece who was owned by Marcus Licinius Crassus. He later joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Romans, acting as one of Spartacus' messengers, providing him with news on their enemies whereabouts and movements. He was the lover of Helynia. He was the one who informed Spartacus of the true identify of Sinon. He was ultimately captured during the Battle at the Silarus River and crucified along the Appian Way in 71 BC.


Tyrimmus was a slave purchased by Marcus Licinius Crassus. He farmed the fields with hundreds of other slaves around Italy. Sometime during the Third Servile War, he joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Romans. He was crucified in 71 bc following the rebel's defeat at the hands of Marcus Crassus.

Traits and Skills

Being trained as a shepherd, Tyrimmus was a very skilled fighter


Tyrimmus was brave, willing to give over information about his master. When Crassus was chosen to fight against the rebellion, Tyrimmus was filled with both fear and anger over having to face his old master again.


Tyrimmus has a tall and muscular build, with short brown hair and brown eyes.

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