Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Nationality Gaul
  • Slave (formerly)
  • Pastores (formerly)
  • Rebel
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Cause of Death Crucifixion
Used Weapons Gladius

Xystrus was a slave from Gaul who later escaped and joined Spartacus' rebellion against the Roman Republic.

He was the lover of Durucla.


Xystrus was born somewhere in western Gaul and taken into slavery when his village was attacked by the Romans. Taken to Italy, he was then sold to a wealthy Roman somewhere in Campania and put to work as a shepherd on his masters lands. He spent a number of years protecting his masters stock against thieves, and soon became used to his life as a slave, even though with hardships, he was grateful of the almost peaceful lifestyle and the amount of freedom he gained away from dominus in the fields.

However, in 73 BC, after hearing of Spartacus and his victory over the praetor Claudius Glaber near Mount Vesuvius, he decided to escape from his masters, and later found them when he travelled south.

Combat Prowess

Xystrus was a more than capable fighter, having been trained as a shepherd to protect his masters stock against thieves in the fields. These skills aided him when fighting against the Romans.


Though he fought in the rebellion until his death, Xystrus was on mixed terms about fighting in Spartacus' rebellion. He had grown used to life as a slave, and although he was a slave, he enjoyed the small amount of freedom he had as a shepherd, working in the fields and alone with his thoughts.


Xystrus was average height with the build of a gladiator, which made him perfect for a shepherd. He had dark hair which he almost always covered with his own makeshift helmit and had a slight stubble.

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