Yannock was a Thracian gladiator who escaped from the ludus of Batiatus and joined Spartacus to fight in his slave rebellion against the Roman Republic. He was killed in 71 BC during the Battle at the Silarus River.


Early Life

Yannock was born Maedi tribe the same as Spartacus and his wife. He was a friend of Spartacus. Like Spartacus, he joined the Roman auxiliary, only to desert when he learned he would have to attack his own people. Yannock was enslaved shortly after Spartacus and sold to Lentulus Batiatus to be trained as a gladiator.

Third Servile War

Yannock killed many Romans during the Third Servile War.

Traits and Skills

As a gladiator, Yannock was extremely skilled in fighting.


Yannock was cautious and had a short temper that made many of the other rebels dislike him.


Yannock had long dark hair and blue eyes with a muscular build befitting a gladiator. Like most Thracians, he had a broodin expression and high cheekbones. He wore silver arm braces dressed with cloth. He wore a cloak over his shoulders